How to make Soy candles at Home – Making Soy candles

DIYs are best things you can do in your spare time. You can cook, paint, dance etc. The list is never ending. So thing time we have come up with a very interesting DIYs project that will surely excite you to try this as well as impart you with little more facts that might be you are not aware of (wink)

Homemade Candle making is fun and it only require few minute for make handmade candles. This time we have come up with better version of candles that you can try at your home.

Homemade Soy wax candles

How to make soy candles at home
Making Soy Candles at Home

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Yes!!! Today we have come up with a tutorial of how to make soy candles.  The process is very simple and trust me you all will tap your back to make that candles that many of your friends might don’t aware of the soy candle is all about?

What is Soy wax candles?

Soy wax are natural or vegetable wax extracted from soybeans. The process is like, after harvesting the soybeans, they are cleaned and cracked. after that they will be de-hulled, rolled to flakes. These flakes are used for extracting the oil from it. This oil from the soy beans is than hydrogenated to convert the fatty acids from unsaturated to saturated form. These saturated oils gets converted to solid form at room temperature. Since this Soy Was is made from vegetable oil, its very eco-friendly also. This makes it easily biodegradable and earth friendly. If we use these Soy Wax for candle making, it is long lasting than the normal candles made from paraffin wax.

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How to Make Soy Candles at Home?

To Start with the process for how to make soy candles step by step,lets see what all tools and materials will be required for making soy candles at home. Soy wax is also best to opt for as it has a lower melting point. If you wish to buy soy candles from candles store, it is always going to be costlier. So it is also better if we try making soy candles at home.

How to make scented soy wax candles

Making Soy candles at home
Making Soy candles at home

Apart from the regular soy candles, you can also try for making scented soy candles if you wish. below we have shown how to make scented soy candles.

Let us see the tutorial to on how to make soy candles

Things you need to make soy candles at home

  1. Soy wax
  2. Salsa glasses
  3. Candle wicks
  4. Wick bars
  5. Perfume bottle for fragrance
  6. Colors/ dye chips
  7. Thermometer
  8. Saucepan
  9. Stove

How to make Soy Candles Step by Step process

  1. Take a sauce pan
  2. Put little amount of water in the sauce and let it heat for few seconds
  3. Take a soy wax that is double the amount of the size that you are using for glass containers
  4. Inside the saucepan put the glass container with the soy wax
  5. Make sure you are using a glass container that is meant for double boiling purpose.
  6. After a boil use a metal spoon to stir the wax
  7. Add crayons or color dye in the soy wax.
  8. Using the colors is all depends on your imagination. You can use brighter shade for better impact and shades.
  9. Use anti toxic colors.
  10. Now it is a time to add fragrance
  11. Adding fragrance is very important. You can use any fragrance as per your preference and mood.
  12. It is very important to know that adding fragrance to the wax must be done after keeping the saucepan away from fire.
  13. Now take glass containers that you want to use for your candles. These candles can be of any kind, shape and designs.
  14. Place the candle wick inside the glass containers with the help of a pencil or any solid rode.
  15. Slowly pour the wax inside the container
  16. Keep it to the room temperature and let it cool for 4-5 hours

How to make soy candles at home step by step

making soy wax candles at home
Scented Soy Candles in designer cups

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So this how you get ready with your soy wax candles at home in easy and simple step by step process. You are ready with an ECO friendly best soy candles in less than 5 minutes and another 5 hours for setting it to solidify. You can also use soy candles for gift item. Send this to your father, your boss or your husbands. They surely love you for making soy candles as per there favorite colors and fragrance.

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