How to make scented candles – Homemade scented candle

Making scented candles at home is very easy stuff if you follow the steps correctly. For making scented candles at home or homemade scented candles you will need some ingredients and tools. We will discuss this in more details in the below article. Lets us check some of the main advantages of scented candles at home and why people love to have these candles in their room.

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Advantages or benefits of using scented candles

There are many surprising uses and advantages of scented candles around the world, we have tried to list few of them which can be really surprising and interesting to all. lets check them one by one.

  • Scented candles for Aromatherapy: This is one of the most important use of scented candles.  These scented candles are sometimes used for curing insomnia, muscle tension and aches, allergies and infection and reducing stress. There are some specific type of clary sage scented candles that helps in getting sleepy. If you are having trouble in sleeping or suffering from sleeping problem, you can get one of these scented candles. Eucalyptus aroma is very useful for avoiding allergies and infections. pepper mint scented candles are said to be perfect for problems related to muscle tension and aches.
  • Helps in strengthening concentration power and maintaining focus: If you are used to working for long hours and need some thing that can help you to maintain focus on your task, you can lit up citrus scented candles. These citrus scented candles are said to help in maintaining clear focus and improve concentration power and deep thoughts.
  • Scented candle help to change mood: We all know how certain smell are connected with our brain and heart. There are certain smells or fragrance that are associated with many moments. These fragrance helps to activates our emotional receptors as well. It changes our mood, some times these scented candles are very helpful in situations where we are very much mentally tired or stressed.
  • Home decor: This is yet another very important use of having scented candle at home. They add beauty to your living room, bedroom or kids room. Along with the fragrance, you can choose the right color combination and the candle jar to give the correct designer feel to your home.

So these were some of the few benefits and uses of scented candles at home, apart from theses there are many other such uses and so people like to have these scented candles to be there bedroom or living room for better atmosphere.

How to make scented candles at home?

Now let us see how these scented candles are made or how to make scented candles at home. Homemade scented candles are very much common now a days. Making scented candles at home is very easy and so people like to make scented candles at home with their favorite essence and scented oils.

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For making scented candles at home, there are few ingredients and tools that would be required to start the process of making scented candles at home easily. We have tried to explain each and every steps for homemade scented candles, i hope you will surely enjoy making candles at home.

The Ingredients and tools required for making Scented candles at home

  1. Beeswax or Soy wax or old candles wax
  2. Candle fragrance oil or essential oil
  3. Candle mold or dye
  4. Crayon color or paint oil for coloring
  5. Ready pre-waxed candle wick
  6. Pen, pencil or chopstick for holding the candle wick
  7. Glass Jar or container for candle
  8. Heat Plate or Electric stove
  9. Thermometer
  10. scissor
  11. Double boiler pot
  12. Pouring pot
  13. Hammer or similar tool for crushing the wax

So these were the tools and ingredients that we will be using for making scented candles. We tried to explain the process for making the candles in easy steps below, just follow the below points to have your homemade scented candles

Step 1: In the first step, you need to preheat the container pot so that it become warm. you can keep it at a temperature of about 150 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit till our wax is ready for pouring in it. This we normally do to avoid sudden cooling of the wax when we start pouring the melted wax.

Step 2: Using the hammer or similar tool, you can cut or break the wax into smaller pieces or flakes. There are also candles flakes available in the market, if you already have candles flakes of smaller pieces than no need to break it. Once it the pieces are ready, you need to measure the exact quantity of wax that you will be melting. Various kinds of wax have various ratios. But in general you can consider the ratio of 1 full cup of hard wax will equal to half cup of melted wax.

Step 3: The next step would be to prepare the candle wick. We have to tie a knot in the wick at the bottom and at the other end we have to tie to the chopstick or pen. we have to make sure the length of the wick is more the dept of the Glass container. We have place the chopstick on the top center of the glass container in such a way the the wick lies in the center of the glass container upto the bottom.

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Step 4: Take the double boiler and fill it with water upto half the size of the upper pot. the water level should be low so as to avoid water pouring into the wax once the water starts boiling. Now you can place the wax in the upper pot of the double boiler pot. Start heating the double boiler from low to medium hot temperature. Temperature of about 150-165 degree Fahrenheit would be normal. But this depends on the type of wax you using.

Step 5: Now you have to add the crayon color and the essential oil to the melted wax. After adding this, keep stirring the melted wax till the color and oil gets properly mixed with the wax.  Once the color is mixed, you can also test it by taking a drop of it on a piece of paper. Once it hardens you can see the final color the candle would look like. If you feel it needs more color, add as per your requirement.

Step 6: Take the glass container which we have already kept on the oven to remain warm. take the upper pouring pot from double boiler and start pouring the wax in the glass container. While pouring, please make sure you are doing it slowly and also checking the candle wick. The candle wick has to be in the middle of the container.

Step 7: Once the glass container is fully filled upto the mark, you can adjust the candle wick in the center in case it has moved aside. Once the wick is set, you can remove the container way from the heat or the oven. Also make sure the wick is properly tied to the chopstick or the pen on the top of the container. Now allow the wax to cool down and harden slowly.

Step 8: Once the wax is cooled to the room temperature it will become hard. we have to make sure it cools slowly else there are chances of cracks in the wax. Once it is cooled and harden, you can remove the chopstick from the top and untie the wick from the stick.

Step 9: Cute the candle wick from the top, make sure you leave around half inch of wick so that it is easier to light the candle easily. It normally take 5-6 hours to cool and harden the wax, but i would suggest to keep it for cooling for a day for better result.

Step 10: So your Homemade scented candle is ready for use. You can place it at suitable location in your house and add some more decor through such scented candle.

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From the above steps you can see how easy it is to make scented candles at home. I hope you will soon start with your process of making your favorite scented candle at home now without any concerns.

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