How to make candle wax at home – Making candle wax

DIYs projects are always loved by girls and boys. They love to make handmade cards, window pans, paintings etc. So this time we have come up with very interesting tutorial of making candle wax that is use for making handmade candles at home easily. If you read candle making tutorials and always wonders that from where you can get the candle wax to create these candles.

how to make candle wax at home
how to make candle wax at home

So this time we have come up with a solution of that problem. Yes!!! Today in this editorial you can read the easy manner in which you can make candle wax in less than 2 minutes and that’s for free of cost. So here you will learn how to make candle wax at home step by step.

Costing is not a problem, but our main concern always lies in the fact that when we make any candles it must not get wasted because of use of bad quality wax. Sometimes it is of bad color, sometimes it is not that smooth and sometimes it looks so ugly and that intern out to be utter blunder.

So make sure that when you make this DIY candle wax process work, you have to be very sure with the measurements and the flame of the stove. If you keep the flame high, it will burn the candle wax and surely make your candle look dirty and can harm your hand while transferring to the moulds and if the flame is low then it will take lot more time to make the candle and hence killing your time and cost.

You have to be careful and very creative. Try to be quick and use as many colors you want.  The only factor that you must keep in mind before adding the colors is that they must be non toxic. You can sue oil pastel colors too. Just grind them and heat them. It is always better to use brighter color. So let us come to the procedure.

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How to make candle wax at home easily?

So let’s not waste more time and make candle wax in simplest way out.

make wax for candles
Making candle wax at Home

All you need for making candle wax at home

  1. Candles
  2. Knife
  3. Container

How to make candle wax at home step by step

  1. Take few candles that is easily available in market and you usually use in houses.
  2. Take a knife and start cutting the candles into thing flakes.
  3. You can collect these flakes in dry places.
  4. Keep it in a water proof packet.

You just have to take things in mind before creating these candle wax. These things are as follows:

  1. They must be parched.
  2. Candlewick must be remove
  3. Sharp knife must be used for saving time.
  4. White candles must be use. It is advisable to avoid candle to keep it useful for personalized candle making.
  5. For saving the wax flakes for future use, always use water proof bag.

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how to make candle wax at home step by step
Homemade candle wax

So, you are ready with candle wax that you can use for making various types of candles with step by step process following our other tutorials about making candles at home. You can use these wax anytime you wish to have. You can simply use it without adding anything. They are fast to melt and available everywhere. They are cost effective in rates and you can use them anytime to transform them into your personalized candles of your choice.

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