How to make beeswax candles – Making beeswax candles

If I ask you the one thing that pops out in your mind when I speak about the candles then you surely say that same ordinary looking white candles that are available in our home or you may have say colorful scented candles that you usually see at the spa clubs. RIGHT ???

How to make beeswax candles at home_making beeswax candles homemade

How to make beeswax candles at home – Making Beeswax candles

But you all will be shocked to know that there are many types of candles available in the market. By types I am NOT talking about the colors and shapes. We are talking about the variety of candles made from different ingredients like soy candles, scented candles, beeswax candles, gel candles and many more to name. So today we are going to see one of such type of candles which is made from Beeswax and oil.

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What is Beeswax candles and how it is useful?

Beeswax candles are made from Beeswax which is very easily available in the market. It is said that beeswax candles are very good form of air purifiers. The beeswax candles releases negative ions in the air which helps to absorb the positive radicals or ion available in the air in form of dust and pollen. It also attracts bacteria and virus available in the air. This process of air purification is know as negative ionization.

If you compare the beeswax candles with other regular candles made from paraffin which is made chemically, beeswax candle is always useful to have in your room. These beeswax candles do not release leads like the other paraffin type of candles.

Homemade Candle making is very easy. So we thought of introducing a very new kind to our readers and that is ‘how to make beeswax candles’.

How to make Beeswax candles at home ?

Before we proceed to the tutorials of this candle making, let us give a little introduction on what these beeswax candles all about. Basically beeswax candles are 100% harmless to utilize in the elongated run, and there are no side effects. They are fashioned by individual honey bees of the genus Apis.

How to make beeswax candles at home - making beeswax candles

Making Beeswax candles at home step by step

Now after getting a introduction session with the beeswax, let us read the tutorial and impress our friends with new kind of candle that surely make them wonder how can you be so creative and intelligent on the same time.

Lets us check the basic ingredients required for making Beeswax candles at home.

All you need is for your homemade beeswax candles: 

  1. Beeswax
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Saucepan
  4. Glass container or double boiler
  5. Candle wick
  6. Met spoon
  7. Stove
  8. Crayons
  9. Scents or perfume
  10. Candle container

Once you have set all the above material and tools required for making beeswax candles at home, let us check how to make beeswax candles step by step at home or  making beeswax candles at home.

Process for making beeswax candles at home step by step

  1. Take a glass containers for heating the beeswax
  2. The quantity of the wax must be double as the candle containers you are opting for.
  3. Now take a sauce pan and fill it with little water.
  4. Heat the saucepan for few minute.
  5. Now put the glass container inside the saucepan.
  6. Make sure that the glass containers that you are using must be heat resistant or oven free
  7. You can too use a double boiler for this.
  8. Heat the wax and stir with the metal spoon at regular intervals.
  9. Now add little amount of coconut oil to the wax.
  10. In case of the beeswax, it usually cracks the glass when it pour inside the containers.
  11. To avoid this break or crack, the best solution you can use is adding 1 spoon of coconut oil to it.
  12. Now add color to the wax is very important.
  13. You can use oil pastel colors that are non toxic. Choosing the colors are entire on your choice. It is advisable to use brighter shades for better looks.
  14. Turn off the stove
  15. Add sent to the beeswax
  16. Now place the candle wicks to the jars with the help of the pencils.
  17. You can choose the design of the jars as per your requirements. You can decorate it with bee’s designs to add beauty.
  18. Now pour the entire wax slowly to the jar and let it set for 4-5 hours.

These types of beeswax candles are special as they are healthy and Eco friendly. You can decorate with bees shapes and picture to give it a unique look that surely make your candle sure HIT!!!

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Making Beeswax Candles at Home

I hope you have like the above process of making beeswax candles at home. You can follow these steps on how to make beeswax candles at home and use these candles at gifting items to your friends and others. Beeswax candles are also good gift options for Christmas if you wish too.

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