How to make aromatic candles at home

Candles are such a beautiful and useful item that is liked by almost everyone. We can use candles for home decoration as well as for gifting to your beloved one’s on various special occasions. Aromatic candles can be one of the best among such candles. Aromatic candles be useful for aromatherapy, you might be knowing that we get aromatherapy candles available in the market. You can try with DIY aromatherapy candles by making at home using our DIY tips for making aromatic candles at home. We will show you how to make aromatic candles at home easily step by step.

How to make aromatic candles at home – Homemade Aromatic candles How-to-Make-aromatic candles at home_aromatherapy candles

Lets see how we can make these homemade aromatic candles in the easiest way at home. There are certain stuff and tools that would be required when with the process for making aromatic candles at home. let us check these item and their use in how to make aromatic candles.

Items required for making aromatic candles at home

  1. Wax for the candles – Beeswax or Soy wax or old candles wax which is already available at home.
  2. Aromatic oil or fragrance oil which we will use for the aroma.
  3. candles mold
  4. Paint oil for coloring. Make sure its non toxic.
  5. Pre waxed candle wicks
  6. Pen or chopstick to hold the candle wick
  7. Glass jar or any other kind of vessel you wish to use for the candle
  8. Heat plate
  9. Thermometer
  10. Scissor
  11. Double boiler pot for melting the wax
  12. Pouring pot

These are the items and tolls required for aromatic candle making process. Now let us go through the step by step process for how to make aromatic candles at home.

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How to make aromatic candles at home process:

  1. First we need to clean the glass container and make sure it is dry.
  2. In order to have maximum or effective utilization of the wax, we have to make sure the candle wick is right. So we can use the pencil or the chopstick to set the candle wick right at the center and properly sized.
  3. Another important aspect is about the measurement of the candle wax that we are going to use in this process.
  4. Measure the glass container and than fill it with the desired amount of the wax, this will help to avoid the wastage of the wax.
  5. Now time or melting the wax. Take the sauce pan and put some water and let it boil for 1-2 minutes.
  6. Make sure the level of the water in the pan is low enough so that it do not come over the wax when the water is boiling.
  7. In some time the wax will start to heat up. I would suggest to keep the flame at medium and stir the wax with a metal spoon.
  8. Once you see the wax is perfectly melted, its time to add the colors to the melted wax. Here i would suggest you to pour the oil paint into the wax. Make sure it add it as per your color requirement.
  9. Once the color has mixed perfectly, now its time to add the scent that will give the aromatic flavor to the candle.
  10. Depending upon the occasion or the mood, you can choose the aroma – Chocolate, romantic fantasy, vanilla essence or any other fragrance you wish to add to your candle.
  11. Once it has got mixed properly, pour the liquid wax into the glass vessel that we have prepared with the candle wick. While pouring the wax, make sure you hold the wick tightly and make it remain at the center of the vessel.
  12. Allow the wax to harden for about 4-5 hours.
  13. It is better to keep the candle at room temperature, this will help in solidifying the candle without cracks.
  14. Once you find the wax is harden as per the requirement, you can place it at your requirement location.

This is how we can make aromatic candles following the above easy steps. I hope you can use this candles in your living room or the bedroom. You can also gift this aromatic candles to your loved one’s or friends and family members.

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