How to make beeswax scented candles – scented beeswax candles

Are you bored from facebook or watching television and want to try something different???  Then, I have a very interesting idea for you all. Candles are always taken as boring and we use them when there is a power break out in our houses. But have you ever wonder these candles can also use in our bathrooms, bed rooms and even at our stair cases at night to keep it beautiful and romantic?

Yes!!! Today we have come up with DIYs for you that are set revolving around these candles. We have come up with the tutorial on how to make beeswax scented homemade candles. Trust me on these guys, the procedure is simple and it takes just 10-12 minutes to get ready.

homemade beeswax scented candles
Homemade beeswax scented candles

How to make beeswax scented candles at home?

Let’s see how we can make scented beeswax homemade candles so beautifully. 

Things you need for making beeswax scented candles at home

  1. Beeswax flakes
  2. Saucepan
  3. Glass containers
  4. Gas stove
  5. Old crayons- non toxic colors
  6. Candle wicks
  7. Metal spoon
  8. Perfume

Step by step process to make beeswax scented candles at home easily

  1. Take glass containers and fill it will beeswax flakes.
  2. Make sure if you don’t have a heat resistant/ oven free glass containers, you can too use double boiler also.
  3. The measurements of the beeswax must be double the amount of the containers that you want to use for candle making.
  4. Take a sauce pan.
  5. Put little water into it and heat it for 1 minute.
  6. Now put the glass container that have put the candle wax into the sauce pan.
  7. Make sure the water inside the pan must be less and didn’t come inside the glass container when it boils.
  8. Keep stirring the beeswax.
  9. Now it it’s a tome to add colors.
  10. This is my favorite step, you can use your oil waxed colors.
  11. Cut the crayons into small pieces and put it directly into the pan and keep stirring.
  12. You can be bit creative in choosing the shade.
  13. It is advisable to use brighter shade to give the colors of the candle more live and beauty.
  14. Now turn of the stove and add little amount of perfume droplets to the mixture.
  15. You can set the quantity of the perfume as per your requirements.
  16. Now put the candle wicks inside the glass container.
  17. You can place the wicks with the help of the pencil.
  18. Now it is a time to pour the liquid into the containers that you wished to set the candles in.
  19. You can use orange peel, salsa jars or simply wine glasses to use for your candle making process.
  20. Put the wax untouched for 4-5 hours in room temperature to avoid the cracks.
Homemade Scented Beeswax Candles

Wahoo!!!  You just made beeswax scented colorful homemade candles that are beautiful and very simple to make.  These beeswax scented candles you can use at your home, gift to your near or dear ones or you can sell them to earn your pocket money.

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