How to make candles at home easily : Candles are part of our life. They are used at so many places and so many times in our daily life. There are people who are very much fond of candles and even have various types of candles in their house to give that extra decor their house and rooms. Along with adding light to you space they also add warmth and great look that makes it really special. Apart from these uses, there are many more other advantages as well that we can use candle for. I have listed few of the crazy advantages of using candles at Home.

How to make candles at Home easily

Making Candles at home

Advantages of Candles at Home

  • Fix Zipper: We all know how annoying can be a problematic zip. Just take a candle and rub it on the zip. Move the zipper up and down, zip and unzip for 2-3 times. This will make the zipper smooth and working.
  • Quiet Noisy Door: Noisy door are very annoying sometimes. You can rub a piece of candle on the hinges and move the door in position again.
  • Unstick Drawers: Like the sticky doors, sticky drawers are also disturbing sometimes. You just need to remove the sticky drawer and rub a small piece of candle on the runner and put the drawer back in place.
  • Polish your shoes: Are your shoes scuffed? Just need to add some candle wax, canola oil in a tin can. They will become as a new.
  • Preventing tears while cutting Onions: This is what i like the most about candles. You just need to light a candle before cutting the onions.
  • Use as Pin Cushions: Many people like to us candles are a pin cushions, its helpful and pretty good way of keeping your pins.
  • Waterproofing labels: If you rub the candle wax on any hand written paper, it will water proof it.
  • Waterproofing your kitchen stage: If you are annoyed by the leakages in your kitchen recipe card, just rub the candles to fill the gabs. leakages will be packed.
  • Bug Repellent candles: There are some candles that are used as bug repellent. You can light them and get rid of bugs from your room. For example citronella candles is one of such candle that can be used as bug repellent. We have also listed the steps on how to make citronella candles at home easily, you can check the article and make citronella candles at home.
  • Scented Candles: Some people like to have scented candles at home to make their room fresh with fragrance. Such Scented candles are easily available in the market, you can also make scented candles at home easily. We have listed the steps to make scented candles at home easily.

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The above were only few of the common advantages of candles at home in our day to day life. Similarly there are some many use of candle wax that our list will be too short to mention here. See so many uses for the candles, we think making candles at home or candle making at home would be very useful. Homemade candles are always cheaper and useful. Since it is used so frequently, knowing how to make candles at home easily would be very useful for all of us. We have tried to list all the steps for various kinds of candles used at home and other places. I hope these articles will surely help you to make your choice of candle at home. here we will see how to make a candle at home easily in a simplest way.

Making homemade candles or homemade scented candles is very simple if you follow the simple steps we have mentioned. You just need to have you choice of scents and colours. The scent will help to give your favorite fragrance and color will help to give the personal touch for decor. These homemade scented candles can be used at home or can also be gifted to your beloved friends.

making candles at home

Making designer candles at home

How to make candles at home?

Before we can proceed with the Candle making at Home process, let us just check few of the essential things that we must take into account for making candles at home. Things required for making candles at home.

Materials required to start with candle making at home

  • Wax Flakes
  • A mold or glass Container for melted wax
  • Crayon color for making it fancy. make sure its non toxic type.
  • Pre-waxed candle wicks
  • Oils for fragrance or candle scent
  • Hammer or similar tool to break the wax
  • Thermometer
  • Pouring pot
  • Melting Pot
  • Hot Plate or electric stove for melting the wax
  • Hair clip or fine stick for holding the candle wick
  • Scissor for cutting the extra Wicks

These are main items that will be required for making candle at home. We have to be little careful while using the above items in the process for candle making.

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Homemade candle making process consist of mainly 3 steps.

  • Preparing the wax for melting
  • Melting the wax
  • Molding the wax in the glass container

Preparing the Wax for Melting

Step 1: Decide the type of wax and quantity that you want to use for your candles. There are many types of wax available in the market for making candles at home. For example you can get paraffin wax, Soy wax, Beeswax or wax from your old burned candles. After getting these wax, you can break them into small pieces or flakes if they are not already. Also make sure the wax which you have is correctly measured as per your requirement. Paraffin wax is the most widely used wax for candle making. It has many of its own advantages like easily melting, easily colored, scented and most importantly its cheap as well.

Step 2: Setup the double boiler container for melting the wax. This double container will be similar to what you do for setting up your cooking. You cannot melt the wax directly in the main container. Once you are done, its really very hard to clean the wax from the container. So the normal practice would be have some water in the large container and let it heat head on the stove or heat plate. Next you will have to place the pouring pot which can be used for melting the wax. This pouring pot will be placed in the large container which will allow the pouring pot to get heated through the hot water in it. The wax has the tendency to evaporate or catch direct fire if comes directly in contact of flame. Some we have to make sure that it melts slowly and does not gets too heated for evaporate.

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Melting the Wax

Step 1: Once you have placed the pouring pot in the large pot, it will start melting slowly.Make sure the wax are in small pieces. This will help for even melting of the wax.

Step 2: Once the wax is melted, keep an eye on the temperature of the wax. As we know if it gets above the break even temperature, it will start to evaporate. Various wax have different melting points, but of them will get melted between 50°C to 85°C

Step 3: Once the wax has melted, its time to add the crayon color and scents for fragrance. Depending upon the fragrance required, you can add the scent oil in the melted wax and stir well for some time till is gets mixed properly. While adding the color, make sure you cut the crayons in small pieces and add it as per the color required. If you chose to add some other color, just make sure it suitable for wax. For quantity you can refer to the direction given on the color bottle.

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Molding the wax in mold or glass container

Step 1: While is the wax gets melted in the pouring pot, you can get your mold or glass container ready with the wicks. It is always better to have pre waxed candle wick. Tie one end of the wick to hair clip or fine stick in such a way, you have atleast 2 inches of wick available out of the glass container. Place the clip or the stick on top of the glass container and in the exact center. Also make sure the wick is touch the bottom of the glass container and its exactly in the center upto the bottom.

Step 2: Once you are done with setting up the candle wick, you can pick the melted wax in the pouring pot and pour it into the glass container. While pouring again make sure that the wick is properly adjusted to be in the center of the glass container. The wick is the thing which will be used for lighting. If its position in the center, burning would be more better and proper.

Step 3: It is always better to allow the wax to cool as long as possible. Mostly it gets cooled in 4-5 hours of time if it is kept in the room temperature. It is also recommended to allow the wax to cool in room temperature only. If you try to cool forcefully there are chances of cracks in the wax or in the candle. Once the wax is cooled, you can remove the clip from the top and also cut the excess wick on the top using a scissor. While cutting make sure you leave atleast 1 inch of wick on the top for lighting the candle.

So, in the above way, you can make your candle at home very easily. These steps for making candles at home are very easy and can be followed by anyone. Depending upon your requirement, you can make any kind of candles at home using the above steps. We have also listed the other types of candle making at home. you can follow the below articles and learn how to make candles easily at home.

homemade candle making

Making Homemade candles easily


Ten ways of making candles at home

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These articles will help you to make some other styles of wax candles at home easily. So this is how you can make your candles at home easily. There are many other type of tips on how to make candles at home of various types which you can check in our other pages.

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